Nancy Drew #70

The Broken Anchor

Chapter 1 - Contest Winner

Nancy receives a mysterious envelope that says she has won an all expense paid trip for two to Sweet Springs Resort on Anchor Island, with all hotel and airfare paid. However, Nancy does not recall entering any contests. Nancy calls her travel agent to check up on the resort and confirms the resort has an excellent reputation and the airline tickets are legit. After a discussion with Mr. Drew, it is decided that Bess and George will take the tickets because Mr. Drew needs Nancy down in Florida for some help. Nancy and Mr. Drew promise to follow later.


Chapter 2 - Mystery Boat

The girls separate, with Bess and George heading off to the resort and Nancy flying to Miami. There is an abandoned boat there that the local sheriff believes to be linked to the Drews. All identification has been stripped from the boat, but there is a bunch of newspaper clippings about the Drews and the cases they've solved. The sheriff and the Drews drive out to a remote inlet to inspect the boat. The sheriff believes that it may belong to Jeff and Lena DeFoe, owners of Sweet Springs Resort.


Chapter 3 - An Ancient Clue

During that search of the boat for clues, Nancy finds an antique gold medallion in a hidey hole. They decide not to reveal their discovery to the sheriff. Back at their hotel, Nancy tries to call Anchor Island, but there is no answer.


Chapter 4 - Galleon Gold

The Drews consult with a jeweler about the medallion and are told it is Spanish in origin and likely a pirate's treasure. The next morning, the Drews are awoken by a call from the sheriff, demanding an audience with them.


Chapter 5 - Vanished

The boat has disappeared and the sheriff blames the Drews; because of his attitude, they don't tell him about the medallion. However, they do reveal the connection to the island resort, and their concern for Bess and George. Nancy finally gets to speak with a man on Anchor Island, who tells her that the resort is closed and there are no guests registered at all.


Chapter 6 - Missing!

Very worried about the two girls, the Drews charter a plane to fly out to Anchor Island, with the sheriff's permission. They also are able to determine that a man had collected Bess and George to take them to the island after their plane arrived in Nassau.

Chapter 7 - Anchor Island

The jeweler has conducted further work on the markings found on the medallion and points out the design of a "broken" or unfinished anchor to the Drews. On the seaplane to the island, the Drews make the acquaintance of some locals who are familiar with the DeFoes and their boat, the Polka Dot. They confirm that the resort is closed at this time of year. The plane is in a hurry to depart after unloading the Drews as it is getting dark. Nancy spots George on the beach and runs to meet her as the plane departs. George explains that she has met Penny, the DeFoe's granddaughter, but no one else is around. Also, they have been having problems with the radio. Nancy and Mr. Drew meet Penny, who is equally puzzled about her grandparents' absence. Then the group realizes that Bess has gone missing.


Chapter 8 - Search for Bess

The girls go out to search for Bess and find only footprints and a piece of cloth torn from her skirt. The footprints appear to stop at rocky area and there is no further trace of Bess.


Chapter 9 - Phantom Intruders

The group is worried about Bess's disappearance and discusses the idea that there may be other people on the island. Mr. Drew tells Penny about the mysteriously abandoned Polka Dot. The group returns to the resort to prepare dinner. They find out someone has smashed the radio phone, proving they are not alone on the island.


Chapter 10 - The Pirate Legend

During dinner preparations, the group tries to figure out why any would sabotage the resort and speculate that someone could be hiding in the local village, which is uninhabited when the resort is closed. Nancy asks Penny if she knows anything about the medallion, and Penny is astonished, as she always believed it was only a legend. Her grandfather had often told her the story of a pirate who had retained the booty from a Spanish galleon that was alleged to have sunk after a storm. Nancy begins to believe this is the mystery the DeFoes wanted her to investigate. Suddenly, the power goes out.

Chapter 11 - Blackout

Everyone agrees that the electricity lines have been deliberately cut and decide to hide the medallion in a loaf of bread in the freezer as a safety precaution. During the night someone sneaks into the resort and riffles through the safe, but does not find the secret location of the medallion.


Chapter 12 - An Unexplained Break-In

The group cannot determine how the intruder gained access to the resort as all the doors were locked &endash; they speculate that he probably had keys. Mr. Drew manages to get the generator going again and then the group proceeds to the village to investigate. They find no evidence that anyone has inhabited the area recently. However, Penny discovers that the supply ship had made a delivery the day before, but the provisions have been stolen.

Chapter 13 - Polka Dot Sighting

Penny and Nancy decide to try and catch some fish while George and Mr. Drew try to fix the radio. After Nancy catches five fish, she spots the Polka Dot and tries to row to shore, but the tide is too strong to row against. She then discovers that the rowboat is quickly taking on water.


Chapter 14 - Fearful Discovery

Nancy uses all her strength to row to shore. Mr. Drew meets her and they speculate that someone may have tampered with the boat. He also says he had been watching the cove and never saw the Polka Dot enter. Upon returning to the beach later, the group finds the rowboat missing.


Chapter 15 - Kidnapped!

The group decides to make a signal fire up on the ridge to attract attention. While the others watch the fire to make sure it doesn't get out of control, Nancy goes off by herself to look for a response signal. She hears a motorboat and tries to sneak down to use their radio, but is grabbed from behind.


Chapter 16 - Timely Escape

There are two men: Tom the "caretaker" and Jack, who appears to be the leader. They plot to hold Nancy captive and demand the medallion as ransom. The three take off in a raft, but Nancy manages to escape by sliding overboard. The villains assume she has drowned. As Nancy swims to shore, she washes into a narrow cleft in the rocks and into a cavern with a rocky ledge. She goes back out and arrives at the beach to find George looking for her. Back at the resort, Nancy checks on the medallion and notices the shape of an anchor in the design.


Chapter 17 - Exploring for Answers

Nancy's mind makes the connection between the "broken anchor" design on the medallion and the shape of Anchor Island. She further explains that the work on the other side of the medallion is probably a pirate's treasure map. Charcoal rubbings are made of the designs, but Penny does not see any similarities between the map and the paths on the island. Nancy discovers some markings which seem to align the front and back of the medallion, and also indicate the cavern entrance. A storm is beginning to brew. Mr. Drew thinks he sees the mark for another entrance by the generator building, which Penny identifies as a cave entrance known as "The Singing Rocks." Nancy feels a sixth sense of urgency, and insists on investigating the caverns despite the storm. Once down in the cavern, Nancy hears a cry for help


Chapter 18 - Rescue in the Caves

The group discovers a heavy door and identifies Bess's voice calling from behind it. She and the DeFoes are locked up in an underground dungeon and the storm is driving water into their prison. The door is broken down and the captives released, and the DeFoes tell their story: The two men had sailed by one day and were invited to lunch, whereupon they asked lots of questions about the island, and also found out that visitors were expected soon. Mr. DeFoe admits to sending Nancy the tickets to get her to come down to Anchor Island; he was afraid she would be too busy if he asked for her help straight out.

The culprits took the DeFoes captives and dumped the Polka Dot in Florida to mislead anyone who got suspicious. Later they took it back because they needed a bigger boat for the treasure. Once the storm subsides a little, the group starts back to the resort, and spots the Polka Dot drifting in the cove, apparently abandoned.


Chapter 19 - Smart Decoy

Nancy would like to try and get to the radio on the Polka Dot, but there is no means to reach the drifting boat. The group decides to wait until morning to see if the boat comes to shore on its own.

The next day Nancy spots the culprits leaving one of the cabins in the village. Worried that they will try to destroy the radio on the boat, Nancy decoys them and they begin chasing her. George, Mr. Drew and Mr. DeFoe are on the way to rescue her, but not soon enough, so Nancy is forced to start climbing the sheer cliff wall of the cove.

Chapter 20 - Treasured Solution

Mr. Drew captures the culprits by wielding an axe. The men admit that they have not been able to find the treasure. Nancy takes a turn at interpreting the map, and finds a tiny niche which conceals a lever. A section of the wall moves aside and reveals the treasure chamber.



**Special thanks to "Catseye" for her outline of this story, which was the basis for this synopsis.**



6 grayscale pictures by Paul Frame  1983 by Simon & Schuster, New York.
2 color drawings and 2 black and white line drawings by Philippe Daure  1987 by Hachette, Paris.

 2002, Lea Shangraw Fox