EDITORIAL ACME - Buenos Aires, 1963

The caption at the bottom of the dust jacket reads "edicion en español de "Nancy Drew Mystery Stories;" there is no Spanish version of the name of the series.

The book from this format emulates the "blue tweed" look that was available in the States in the 1950s to early 1960s. In the Argentine version, the cover stock is white with a light blue weave pattern, and then the later Nancy silhouette by the title. The wraparound dust jacket shows a nicely re-drawn version of the American illustration. The endpapers have 22 line drawings of Nancys adventures that we see in the American books, but they have been printed in blue ink instead of the traditional blank lines. The internal illustrations are all new black-and-white line drawings by Ernesto Garcia. Translation of the volume to the right is done by Julio Vacarezza.

The back of the dust jacket promotes 3 other titles in the "Colección Cerro Blanco" from this series, and teases with:

Siga en estos volúmenes las apasionantes aventuras de Nancy Drew, la joven pesquisante que con tanta habilidad e ingenio descifra nuevos y enredados misterios.

Digest size hardback - 7 3/4" H x 5 1/4" W; light blue and white tweed-like cover with title and 1950s Nancy silhouette in black; wraparound style dust jacket with original artwork and their own interpretation of the Nancy spine logo.

El Espectro del Pabellón (The Secret of the Golden Pavilion), Artwork by Ernesto Garcia, copyright © 1963, Editorial Acme S.A.C.I.

The internal line drawings by Ernesto Garcia are quite precious, such as this one of Nancy and Togo.

Spanish title

U.S. Title

El Secreto del Reloj

Old Clock

La Ecalera Oculta

Hidden Staircase

El Espectro del Pabellón

Golden Pavilion

La Pista de la Diligencia

Old Stagecoach

El Misterio del Chalet/El Enigma del Chalet

Bungalow Mystery

El Indicio del Gaitero Silbador

Whistling Bagpipes

La Hosterio Misteriosa

Lilac Inn

La Ventana Clausurada

Hidden Window

El Rancho de las Sombras

Shadow Ranch

El Castillo de la Piedra Lunar

Moonstone Castle

This book was also published by Acme, but it is a laminated picture cover rather than a tweed book with dust jacket. Red Gate Farm is not in the original 10 translated by this publisher. I have never heard of any other titles issued in this format.

La Banda de la Serpiente Negra (The Secret of Red Gate Farm), Artwork by R. Ernesto Garcia, copyright © 1970, Editorial Acme, Buenos Aires

JAVIER VERGARA EDITOR - Buenos Aires, 1982


These are tall (digest size) paperback books which reproduce the first Wanderer artwork (Sanderson) found on their American counterparts.

The first 5 titles from the Wanderer series were translated. The collection was called "Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew"; 7 titles from the Hardy series were also produced. The numbering sequence interspersed Nancy and Hardy titles in no particular order. These paperbacks were probably also sold in Spain, Mexico and Chile as Javier Vergara has offices in those countries.

While the credit for the internals is given to Leslie Morrill, the drawings are actually the same Paul Frame illustrations that are found in Wanderer editions. Translation is done by Floreal Mazía.

Digest size paperback - 7 1/2" H x 5 1/8" W; spine aligned bottom to top (tilt your head to the left to read it - opposite from traditional American orientation)

El misterio del simbolo griego (The Greek Symbol Myatery), Artwork by Ruth Sanderson copyright © 1981 Stratemeyer Syndicate.

Argentine No.

Spanish Title

U.S. Title


El misterio del platillo volante

Flying Saucer


El triple engaño

Triple Hoax


El secreto del viejo encaje

Old Lace


El misterio del simbolo griego

Greek Symbol


El anillo del swami

Swami's Ring


El misterio del muñeca

Kachina Doll

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