EDITORIAL VERBO - São Paulo - published 1984-1989

Os inquéritos de Nancy

These books are in Portuguese (the national language in Brazil), and, although they are also available in Portugal, they are printed in Brazil and that's where I acquired them, so I am categorizing them as such.  

The series is entitled "Os inqueritos de Nancy" - literally the inquests (or probes!) of Nancy.  The white spine editions appear to have been in print during the 1990s.

There are a few internals by Júlio Gil and the text is translated by Maria Selene Santos. I think the word "Nancy" on the cover looks a lot like the lettering of the Armada UK Format C&D books.

In the March 1995 volume of The Whispered Watchword, Melanie Knight outlines several of the series offered by Verbo, and gives the following translation of the teaser on the back of these books:

Nancy Drew is a youth who likes to help her father, a well-known lawyer of the American city of River Heights. But, he doesn't limit himself with turning in documents at trials. "In love" with mysteries, he investigates and makes inquiries for himself. A series which led rapidly to the celebrity of its author, Carolyn Keene.

That almost makes it sound like Carson is the central protagonist and Nancy is just along for the ride!

Digest size paperback - 7 1/2" H x 5 1/4" W; white spine with author, title, "Nancy" logo all aligned bottom to top (tilt your head to the left to read it - opposite from traditional American orientation), volume # and Verbo at base of spine; sometimes there is a club on the spine.

Intriga a Bordo (Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk). Artwork by Augusto Trigo;
copyright © 1989 by Editorial Verbo.
The books with the white spine appear to be the more common variety, but I did locate one rare edition which recycled the Rudy Nappi artwork from the 1970s.  It is possible that Old Clock was the only book released in this format.  As you can see, this book has a yellow spine instead of white.  But it is still published by Verbo, so is a legitimate publication and not a bootleg copy.  The illustrations appear to be by a different artist (i.e., not Julio Gil).

O Segredo do Velho Relógio (The Secret of the Old Clock). Artwork by Rudy Nappi;
copyright © 1966 by Grosset & Dunlap.

Portuguese Title

U.S. Title


O segredo do velho relógio

Old Clock

1984, 1986

A escada misteriosa

Hidden Staircase


O mistério do bangaló



O mistério da estalagem

Lilac Inn


O segredo de rancho das sombras

Shadow Ranch

A quinta do portão vermelho

Red Gate Farm

O mistério do diário

Clue in Diary

A carta misteriosa

Mysterious Letter


O sinal das velas

Twisted Candles

A senha dos raptores

Larkspur Lane


A pista do medalhão quebrado

Broken Locket


A mensagem no carvalho oco

Hollow Oak


O mistério do amuleto de marfim

Ivory Charm


A estátua murmurante

Whispering Statue


A ponte assombrada

Haunted Bridge


A casa des gatos persas

Tapping Heels


Intriga a bordo

Brass Bound Trunk


O mistério da torre abondonada

Moss Covered Mansion RT

never released?

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