CHILDREN'S FUN PUBLISHING CO LTD 童趣出版有限公司  - Beijing - 2012

Detective Nancy 神探南茜

author: 卡罗琳基恩

Nancy Drew has FINALLY been published in Chinese - it's only the world's most spoken language, after all!  The first 6 titles from the Girl Detective series were published but there have been no more since the initial release.

The books are a nicely laminated paperback with quite a few black and white illustrations inside. The illustration style is similar to the manga/anime look of the Japanese books, but all artwork is original.

The titles all begin with 少女妙探 which seems to translate to something like "girl wonderful exploration" although Google Translate calls it "Girl Beverly Hills."  The publisher has made this tagline/motto into a nice graphic using the Chinese characters with a little 1930s silhouette incorporated in the middle.


Digest size paperback; glossy finish, multicolor spines - x" H x 5" W

少女妙探:幕后黑手 (probably Lights, Camera). Artist unknown,
copyright 2012 by Children's Fun Publishing Co Ltd, Beijing.

Chinese Title

U.S. Title (unconfirmed)



Without a Trace

Egg carving mystery
和时间赛跑 A Race Against Time A race against time
消逝的琴声 False Notes Elapsed pieces
High Risk
Dangerous! Dangerous!
either Lights, Camera or Action!
either Lights, Camera or Action! Movie charade


Although it did take until 2012 for Nancy Drew stories to officially be produced in China, during the 1990s China published the "River Heights" series. While this is not technically a Nancy Drew series, Nancy does make a guest appearance in some of the stories.


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