There are not many clues in this book to tell us the extent to which the Nancys were marketed by this publisher. There is no list of additional titles, and so this may have been a one-shot deal.

The Dutch appear to have a real problem with George Fayne having a boy's name. This publisher has decided to use the name Kitty, which causes me some consternation, since Kitty is *Nancy's* name in Sweden. See the entries for the other publishers below for further permutations of George's names.


Mass market paperback - 7" H x 4 3/8" W; white spine with "Nancy Drew" in cartoon letters, green asterisk, title in black; back of book is blank.

Nancy Drew, Avontuur in Afrika (The Spider Sapphire Mystery). Artwork by Bert Bus, copyright © by N.V. Uitgeverij de Spaarnestad.

Conrad Wolters, a fan of the artist Bert Bus, has contacted me to let me know that there was another Dutch Nancy of sorts similar to this book, consisting of cartoon panels illustrated by the artist who did the cover for the above Spaarnestad book. The story "Nancy Drew en haar dubbelgangster" (Nancy and her double) was published as a weekly serial in a girls' magazine called Tina (see "Tina Boek" section below - N.V. Uitgeverij De Spaarnestad was later merged in Oberon B.V.) There would be 2 pages of full-color artwork along with blocks of text per issue. Altogether the story was printed in 5 installments throughout 1969, totalling 50 pages.

ZUID - NEDERLANDSE UITGEVERIJ - Centrale Uitgeverij Harderwijk - Antwerp - 1971

Ideaal-Bibliotheek, by Caroline Quine


The books in the Ideaal-Bibliotheek series appears to be the result of some kind of coordinated effort with Hachette of France. They use the same artwork (by Albert Chazelle) that is found on Hachette's Bibliotheque Verte books in their "Alice" series. This Dutch edition also adopts the "Caroline Quine" spelling favored by the French, and "Ideaal Bibliotheek" is very similar to "Idéal Bibliothèque."

Thanks to Ilana Nash for the scan of the Dutch version.


Digest size hardback - 6 7/8" H x 4 1/4" W; spine is white, Ideaal Blibliotheek, vol. 13, title, black castle on blue background, C. Quine and Zuid-Nederlandse Uitgeverij

Nancy op het Schateiland (The Quest of the Missing Map). Artwork by Albert Chazelle copyright © 1971 by Hachette, Paris.

Dutch #

Dutch Title

U.S. Title


Nancy op het Schateiland

Missing Map


Nancy en het betoverde kasteel

Hidden Staircase


Nancy en de diadeem

Pine Hill

OBERON B.V. "TINA BOEK" - Haarlem - 1981

I have found evidence of only 4 of these Oberon editions being published, so I am afraid Nancy wasn't very popular with the Dutch readers. These are small sized paperbacks with fantasy montage illustrations of the story's action, with Nancy's head morphed into the middle.

As you can see, they used TV's Pamela Sue Martin for their representation of Nancy. This is curious since the publication date for these editions was about 3 years after the TV series was run. Maybe some further resrach will reveal that the show was released in syndication in the Netherlands during the early 1980s, and they books were printed in conjunction with that (possible) syndication.

In the Tina Boeks, George's name is Jo, and Hannah has become Hanna Groen.



Mass market paperback - 6 7/8" H x 4 1/4" W; spine is yellow with blue bookmark style design at top with white letter "t," title, black dot and Carolyn Keene in black letter, then TINA BOEK and reference number at base. Back of book has logo of Nancy with curly red hair, looking slightly suprised. After synopsis, there is a red circle with "Nancy Drew" in script across it diagonally.

Nancy en het gevaar in de bergen (Mystery at the Ski Jump). Artwork by Jack Staller, copyright © 1981 by Oberon B.V., Haarlem.

Dutch Title

U.S. Title



Nancy en het gevaar in de bergen

Ski Jump

Nancy and the danger in the mountains


Nancy en het geheim van de 99 treden

99 Steps

Nancy and the secret of the 99 steps


Nancy en de schat van de tweelingbroers

Missing Map

Nancy and the treasure of the twin brothers


Nancy en de oude postkoets

Old Stagecoach

Nancy and the old post-coach




The publisher Kluitman (who previously released some of the Files, see below) has begun to issue translations of some of the later "classic" paperback stories, under their Florida Books division. I can't say as I really like the illustrations by Ben Schoonhein as Nancy doesn't look very attractive. As with the Files, George's name is Joyce.

I was able to purchase 4 of the 6 titles from

Mass-market paperback - 6 3/4" H x 4 1/2" W; spine is wedgewood blue with "Carolyn Keene" at the top, Nancy Drew in orange follwed by the title. "FB" logo for Florida Books at the base. Original artwork.

Nancy Drew en het mysterie van de zwarte roos (In Search of the Black Rose). Artwork by Ben Schoonhein, copyright © 2002 by Uitgeverij Kluitman Alkmaar B.V.

Dutch Title

U.S. Title


Nancy Drew en het mysterie van het oude landhuis

Moorsea Manor


Nancy Drew en het mysterie van de tornadojagers

Tornado Alley


Nancy Drew en het mysterie van het verdwenen paard

Missing Horse


Nancy Drew en het mysterie van de zwarte roos

Black Rose


Nancy Drew en het mysterie op Hawaï

Mystery on Maui


Nancy Drew en het mysterie van de zwarte kat

Black Cat



De Nancy Drew Zaken - The Nancy Drew Cases

In the late 1980s, the Dutch introduced the new Nancy Drew Files to their reading population by bringing De Nancy Drew Zaken series to print. Each "Zaak" (case) showcased another Nancy thriller, including the one to the right where she faces a ballerina and a ninja (!?!?!). In this incarnation, George's name has been changed to Joyce.

These may also have been released as 2-in-1 volumes.

As you can see to the right, Nancy is presented as sporty, modern and slightly new wave, consistent with the Nancy of the American Files series.

Mass-market paperback - 6 3/4" H x 4 1/2" W; spine is orange with "Carolyn Keene" at the top, Nancy Drew and title in center, and "KLUITMAN" arranged vertically at the base. Original artwork. Cameo picture of Nancy with long wavy blond hair and purple jacket on the back.

De gemaskerde gedaante (Nancy Drew Files - False Moves). Artwork by Liesbeth Vastrick, copyright © Uitgeverij Kluitman Alkmaar B.V.

Dutch Title

U.S. Title

Zaak #


Dodelijke geheimen

Secrets Can Kill


Deadly Secrets

Popster vermist

Deadly Intent


The Missing Rock Star

Moord op de skipiste

Murder on Ice


Murder on the Ski Slope

Lach of ik schiet

Smile and Say Murder


Laugh or I Shoot

Dader onbekend

Hit & Run Holiday


Unknown Perpetrator

Terreur op het water

White Water Terror


Terror on the Water

Dodelijk dubbelspel

Deadly Doubles


Deadly Double Game

Met de dood op de hielen

Two Points to Murder


Death on one's Heels

De gemaskerde gedaante

False Moves


The Masked Figure

Het verleden onthuld

Buried Secrets


The Past Revealed

Losgeld voor een erfgenaam

Fatal Ransom


Ransom for an Heir

Geen weg terug

Wings of Fear


No Way Back

Raadsels in Texas

Heart of Danger


Riddle in Texas

Spel met de dood

This Side of Evil


A Game with Death

In de val gelopen

Trial by Fire


Walking into a Trap

Een wedstrijd vol gevaar

Never Say Die


A Competition Full of Danger

Filmster bedreigd

Stay Tuned for Danger


A Threatened Movie Star

De gestolen sieraden

Circle of Evil


The Stolen Jewel

Dreiging uit zee

Sisters in Crime


The Threat from the Sea

De laatste kans

Very Deadly Yours


The Last Chance

Recept voor moord

Recipe for Murder


Recipe for Murder

* Thanks to Marianne Niesink for help with translating from the Dutch
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