EURO BOOKS - Mumbai - 2008-2011

This company published the first 14 Papercutz graphic novels - they retained the English panels and did not translate the dialogue into any local languages.  They did create a slightly different graphic layout for the cover, with a 3D effect in the background showcasing the Nancy Drew, Girl Detective logo that was carried over from the US editions.  These books are also easily distinguished from the Papercutz editions by the presence of an orange banner for the title.  Otherwise they appear to be identical inside to the US editions.

I was able to locate a press release from January 2008 which promoted the initial 9 titles and the 3 in 1 editions:
The new series of Nancy Drew will set the heart beats racing with the Indian twist. Nancy Drew finds herself in India for the first time to solve a tricky case! There are 9 books available in each of the series and are priced at Rs.145 per book. Each book comprises 96 action packed pages. These books are also available in a 3 in 1 collection priced at Rs.350 each.

Based on the company's web site (Eurokids International Private, Ltd), they are somehow affiliated with Egmont, the company which produces the ND graphic novels in Norway and Finland.   

Thin paperback - dimensions unknown
Dress Reversal. Cover artwork by Sho Murase
© 2009 by Papercutz
Eurobooks also published some multiple story editions - the 3-in-1s appear to have been released in conjunction with the initial release in 2008.  They used an illustration from within the book rather than repeating the US artwork of one of the stories.  The 7-in-1 editions were put out later.

Crime Fighter
3 in 1 Demon of RH, Girl Wasn’t There, Charmed Bracelet
Thriller Trails
3 in 1 Haunted Dollhouse, Ghost in Machinery, Mr Cheeters
Action Girl
3 in 1 Writ in Stone, Global Warning, Fake Heir
Crime Fighter
7 in 1 Haunted Dollhouse, Ghost Machinery, Monkey Wrench, Disoriented Express, Dress Reversal, Doggone Town, Sleight of Dan
Action Girl
7 in 1 Demon RH, Writ in Stone, Mr Cheeters, Girl Wasn’t There, Fake Heir, Global Warning, Charmed Bracelet

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