In 1999, NRK Radio (the national public radio station of Norway) produced a radio serial of "The Sign of the Twisted Candles," dramaticized by Norwegian Nancy Drew enthusiast Nils Nordberg. The production ran during 1999 and was voted the Best Children's Radio Play of that year by the listeners. "The Mystery of the Ivory Charm" was produced in 2002 and "The Secret of Red Gate Farm" in 2004.


Copies of this 2-CD recording of the dramatization can be purchased at The cost is 249 Norwegian kroner for the CDs, plus postage to the United States or Canada. This translates to approximately US$30, depending on the exchange rate on any given day. Credit cards are accepted.


During the summer of 2001, a "Nancy Drew tribute" musical was produced in the town of Fredrikstad, Norway entitled "Den syngende frøken Detektiv og mysteriet på Grevly" (The Singing Girl Detective and the Grevly Mystery). The same Nancy Drew enthusiast, Nils Nordberg, who had a hand in the serial described above was one of the writers and he has this to say about the production:

"The musical was presented as a summer production (in a tent!) this year in the small town of Fredrikstad, to rave reviews & enthusiastic audiences. Even the Prime Minister of Norway took his family to see it. It will almost certainly be staged by one of the Oslo theatres next year, & who knows - maybe London & Broadway is next... Just kidding.

The full title is "Den syngende frøken Detektiv og mysteriet på Grevly" ("The Singing Miss (or "Girl") Detective and the Grevly Mystery") - Grevly being the name of an ancient family mansion (meaning roughly "The Count's Rest"). Klaus Hagerup, who is a succesful novelist & dramatist, & I worked out the plot & a detailed story-line, & then he wrote the dialogue & lyrics. Music was by Ingrid Bjørnov & Benedicte Adrian, who are quite famous in Norway as singers, musicians & composers, they wrote a musical that was produced on the London stage & ran for more than a year (with Benedicte in the female star part).

Strictly speaking the main character is not Nancy (for copyright reasons, for one thing). She is a present-day Norwegian girl named Nina Dahl, who is a devotee of the Nancy books & mystery stories; her father Carsten Dahl is a lawyer, would you believe it?; they don't have a house-keeper but there is a cleaning woman called Janna. What happens in the play is that Nina and her best friend Berit somehow go through a time portal (or maybe Nina is imagining it all) back to 50 years ago, the very evening of an unsolved mystery, concerning the theft of the Bastow Star, which is a diamond & a family heirloom. In this universe Nina turns into Nancy & Berit becomes Bess, & of course she solves the mystery & unmasks the villain. The plot is of the old-dark-house-Mousetrap type, not based on any of the Nancy books, more like Nancy Drew meets Agatha Christie & The Bat Whispers.

So you could say it is a hommage to Nancy rather than the thing itself,& from all reports I've had, everybody from six to ninety years old enjoyed it immensely.

Only one of the songs has so far been released on record (but there are plans to do a CD with all of them), but it's a kind of main or title song called "Nancy Drew" (reminiscent of the James Bond title songs)."

Sounds like a great production - I wish there were more musicals like this going on in the United States! If we're lucky, Nils's dream of a Broadway production will come true.

For further pictures from the production, and reviews (in Norwegian), the following articles have been posted:


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