ABRIL/CONTROLJORNAL - Linda-a-Velha, 1997

Diana D.

These Portuguese books mimic the first Minstrel (US) format (sans the checkerboard), recycling artwork produced for the series by Aleta Jenks.  They do not appear to have been on the market for very long, although they were authorized by Simon & Schuster.

In this series, Nancy has been renamed Diana D., and the "D" is never further elucidated.  Carson is "Roderigo D." and Bess and George become Teresa Andrade and João Lima.

Simon & Schuster verifies that only six titles were released, so it is possible that the seventh one listed below is a phantom title. These books were printed exclusively for the Portuguese market and were not available in Brazil.

Digest size paperback - 7 xx" H x 5" W, spine with volume 1, "Diana D." Title, C. Keene, publisher name

O Caso das Estrelas Desaparecidas. Artwork by Aleta Jenks © 1989 Simon & Schuster, New York NY.


Portuguese Title

U.S. Title



O caso das estrelas desaparecidas

Rising Stars

Syndicate of the Magician


O mistério das bonecas Kachina

Kachina Doll

Mystery Flying Saucer


O quarto do Barba-Azul

Bluebeard Room

The Secret of Old Lace


O caso do disco-jóquei desaparecido

Disappearing Deejay

The Greek Symbol Mystery


A rapariga que perdeu a memória

Girl Who Couldn't Remember

Mystery of the Ramaswami's Ring


O duplo horror da mansao assombrada

Fenley Place

The Kachina Statue Mystery

7 O segredo dos arrombadores de cofres


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