BRUGUERA - Barcelona 1972-1982

Coleccion Historias Seleccion: Serie Nancy (1975-1977)

The story is presented in text format with a series of illustrated panels, similar to a comic book. All the graphics on the cover and internally are original and the work of artist José Triay Cuenca. I really dig Nancy's cool jeans jacket with all the 1970s patches!  She wears it on all the Bruguera DJs - the second one down on her right arm reads "Los Angeles Police."

The late great John Axe (a former Spanish teacher) kindly provided me with the graphics for this page before I ever collected any copies of my own. 

Helen invites Nancy to Moon Lake in this panel

Digest size hardback with dust jacket. Spine is tan with a series of illustrations of characters [changes with each title]; title in white rectangle; Serie NANCY; number in circle, large pink N, Editorial Bruguera.

El secreto del viejo reloj (The Secret in the Old Clock). Artwork by José Triay Cuenca, copyright © 1975 by Editorial Bruguera, S.A., Barcelona.

Coleccion Historias Biblioteca Aventuras:  Nancy Drew (1982)

The six Bruguera titles were reprinted in 1982 in a hardback PC format with new artwork.  The cartoon panels were eliminated and new internals by Felipe Giménez de la Rosa were created.

Although the books seem to indicate that all 6 titles were reprinted, I have only ever seen evidence of #s 1, 4 and 5.

An example of one of the internals by de la Rosa


Digest size glossy hardback picture cover; spine has script Nancy Drew in blue, rest of title in black, cat logo and series #

Nancy Drew en La Posada de las Lilas (The Mystery at Lilac Inn). Artwork by Isidre Monés, copyright © 1982 by Editorial Bruguera, S.A., Barcelona.

Spanish Title

U.S. Title


El secreto del viejo reloj

Old Clock

1975, 1982

La escalera escondida

Hidden Staircase

1975, 1982

Nancy Drew en el misterio del bungalow


1976, 1982

Nancy Drew en la posada de las lilas

Lilac Inn

1976, 1982

El rancho Shadow

Shadow Ranch

1976, 1982

La granja Red Gate

Red Gate Farm

1977, 1982


The six titles from the Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys "Be A Detective" series were translated for the Spanish market, and two editions were created: one for the Spanish speakers, and one for the readers who prefer Catalan.

In the Spanish (Castellana) version, the series was called: Nancy Drew y los Hardy: Adventuras de Misterio donde el Detective eres Tu! The cover encourages you to "Vive tu pròpia aventura (pick your own adventure)!" The books use the American artwork on the cover, as well as Paul Frame's internal illustrations, but has white background with pink lettering and purple horizontal graphics. Translated by Federico Sánchez-Ventura.

In the Catalan version, the series is called Nancy Drew I els germans Hardy. The layout and artwork on the covers are exactly the same and only the title and text have been modified.

Digest size paperback - 7 1/2" H x 5 1/8" W, white spine with volume #, black text aligned bottom to top (tilt your head to the left to read it - opposite from traditional American orientation).

El Secreto de la Espada de Bromley Hall (The Secret of the Knight's Sword). Artwork by Hector Garrido,
copyright © 1984 by Simon & Schuster.


Spanish Title

Catalan Title

U.S. Title


El Secreto de la Espada de Bromley Hall

El secret de líespasa del cavaller

The Secret of the Knight's Sword


Peligro Sobre el Hielo

Perill sobre el gel

Danger on Ice


La Serpiente Emplumada

La serp emplomallada

The Feathered Serpent


Cargamento secreto

Carraga secreto

The Secret Cargo


El Enigma de Alaska

Líenigma dí Alaska

The Alaskan Mystery


El Misterio del Dinero Desaparecido

El dilema dels diners desapareguts

The Missing Money Mystery

Special thanks to Seán Bourke for information on the Susaeta editions.



Two Nancy Drew stories were published by Plaza y Janés as part of their "Club Plaza Joven" series. One title was from the digest series La venganza del comodin (The Joker's Revenge), published in 1989, and the other was from the Nancy Drew Files series Problemas en Tahití (Trouble in Tahiti) in 1990. It appears that these were just two stories among others such as Kafka's Metamorphoses and Willow by George Lucas. I'm not sure who made the decisions about what books to offer, but they had interesting taste! Further Nancy Drew titles do not appear to have been translated for the series.




Digest size paperback - 7" H x 4 1/4" W, white spine

La venganza del Comodin (The Joker's Revenge). Artwork unattributed, copyright © 1989 by Plaza Joven Ediciones, Barcelona.

RBA LIBROS  - Barcelona, 2007

La Chica Detective 

The translations of titles from the Girl Detective series were published at time of the release of the Emma Roberts movie.  Four titles are in print, and there does not appear to be a plan to release any more.   

The artist for these books (Javier Alcalde) definitely models his Nancy after the movie's character as she is seen here in her trademark turtleneck and plaid skirt, and has long light brown hair unlike the "strawberry blond" description in the book.




High quality reinforced soft cover with front and back flaps, digest size 

Alto Riesgo (High Risk). Artwork by Javier Alcalde, copyright © 2008 by RBA Libros, Barcelona.


Spanish Title

U.S. Title



Sin Rastro

Without a Trace    



Una Carrera Contrarreloj    

Race Against Time



Notas Falsas

False Notes



Alto Riesgo

High Risk


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