From a phone call in 1998 with Putnam/Penguin (the current owners of Grosset & Dunlap), I was informed that there is an open contract with Samakhisan publishers in Thailand for some Nancy Drew stories. The parent company might be called Dok-ya - I am still conducting research on these editions as I was unable to find an address for either company names. 

SIAM INTER KIDS - 2006 to present

Nancy Drew,
                Girl Detective

Titles from the Nancy Drew, Girl Detective series were produced, although not necessarily in the US sequence.  These books are very visually appealing and include a lot of extra graphics inside.  At the bottom of each page of the text is "Nancy Drew, Girl Detective" and the title of the book in fancy, scrolled lettering, and each chapter ends with an icon of a magnifying glass.

The logo created for Nancy Drew's 75th anniversary is on the top right hand corner of each book, and is also featured at the beginning of each chapter.  The Thai publisher has also created a unique silhouette of Nancy which is decorated with a gradated mosaic pattern.  Each title has its own color scheme, and features the giant letters of NANCY DREW in the background (this motif is also used on the text pages).  At the center of each cover is "Nancy Drew" in Thai, followed by "Girl Detective" in Thai in large letters.  Below this, the US title and "girl detective" are written in English.  The back pagesactual title of the book is less prominently featured, at the bottom of the cover.

Another unique feature of these editions is the inclusion of helpful informational pages at the end of the text.  For example, at the end of The Stolen Relic, there is a map that identifies where Arches National Park within the USA, as well as photos of ponchos, petroglyphs and kachinas, as well as several geographic sites from the story.  This really helps to bring the story alive!

Digest size paperback; glossy finish with raised lettering - 8" x 5 3/4", white spine with Siam Inter Kids logo, name of series in various colors, US and Thai titles in black, author name, other information (The Stolen Relic).  Copyright 2006 by Siam Inter Kids, Bangkok.

 The title is at the bottom of the cover, by the lower part of the E.  Each title is preceded by Case..., which appears to mean "case."

Title in Thai U.S. Title Year
Without a Trace
False Notes 2006
The Stolen Relic 2006
The Scarlet Macaw Mystery 2006
Stop the Clock 2006

1998, 2007 Lea Shangraw Fox