Nhà Xuât Bản Trẻ - Hanoi - 1998-9

Nữ thám tư nghiệp dư

Since Vietnam was a French colony until the 1950s it is not too strange that these editions call Nancy by her French name of Alice, and the author's name is Caroline Quine.  The covers are even a variation of the Albert Chazelle artwork from the French Hachette books.

I only recently found images of these books online but have still never seen one in person.  I believe they are paperbacks but know little else other than I think there were 4 stories released by this publisher.

Dimensions unknown
 Bí mât sau bưc tương đô  (The Clue in the Crumbling Wall). Artwork by Albert Chazelle copyright © 1965 by Hachette, Paris.
Vietnamese Title
Literal Translation
Presumed English Title
Bí mât sau bưc tương đô
Secret behind that wall
Crumbling Wall
Alice và cây đàn dương cầm
Alice and piano
Old Attic
Alice và bọn làm bạc gỉa
Alice and the counterfeit money
Red Gate Farm
Alice và chiếc b́nh cổ
Alice and antique vase
Leaning Chimney

PHUONG NAM BOOK - Ho Chi Minh City - 2009

Nữ thám tử Nancy Drew

The first 2 Girl Detective books were translated for the Vietnamese market, and this time our favorite sleuth got to use her "real" name.  This publisher developed a cool graphic pattern with the classic 1930s Nancy silhouette strategically placed on a field of circles and squares.  One book used a green/yellow color scheme while the other was orange/red.

Thin digest size paperback
Chạy đua với thời gian (Race Against Time). Cover design copyright
© 2009 by Phuong Nam Book

Vietnamese title

Literal translation

U.S. Title

Không dấu vết

No Trace

Without a Trace

Chạy đua với thời gian

Race Against Time

Race Against Time

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