DAMM - published circa 1950s

Frøken Detektiv

Nancy is known simply as "Miss Detective" in Norway. Bess, George, Helen and Carson keep their names; only Hannah becomes "Hanna."

In the children's literary journal The Lion and the Unicorn (vol. 18, No.1, June 1994), Kari Skjønsberg indicates that six Nancy Drew stories were translated into Norwegian in 1941, making them the earliest known foreign editions of this series. Skjønsberg goes on to explain that, although the Drew books were officially on the (Nazi-installed) government's list of forbidden books, they continued to be produced until paper supplies ran low due to the war. Skjønsberg further details that the covers of the first Damm book was Harald Damsleth, who was a foremost artist in the propaganda work of the Nazi party.

Nancy became more popular in Norway during the 1950s, and my example to the right is a book from this era. The illustrations signed "George" are some of my favorites - akin to the "classic ethereal" Nancys of Russell Tandy's, to borrow a phrase from Karen Plunkett-Powell. They portray Nancy and her chums as competent yet feminine - look, George Fayne even has a fancy hairdo! Norwegian collector Nils Nordberg indicates that the full name of the artist is a *woman* named George Schumann - how's that for coincidences.

All the Norwegian stories were translated by either Eugenie Winther or Wenche Norberg-Schulz (these two women were sisters). An interesting departure in this series is that Norwegian Nancy has a red coupe, instead of her traditional blue car.

Digest size hardback - 7 1/2" H x 5" W; matte appliqué cover, ochre cloth spine with Carolyn Keene, FRØKEN DETEKTIV, series # (one some 1/2" books), partial ND silhouette and Damm logo in green ink. Comes in 1/2" and 3/4" spine thicknesses. No internal illustrations.

Frøken Detektiv drar nordover (The Message in the Hollow Oak). Artwork by George Schumann, copyright © 1956 by Lie & Co. s Boktrykkeri, Oslo.

Norwegian Title

U.S. Title


Norwegian #

Frøken Detektiv (og det forsvunne testamentet)

Old Clock

Miss Detective (Nancy and the missing will)


Frøken Detektiv på spøkelsesjakt

Hidden Staircase

Nancy on a ghost hunt


Frøken Detektiv betaler gjelden sin

Bungalow Mystery

Nancy pays her debt


Frøken Detektiv møter "trekanten"

Lilac Inn

Nancy meets the "Triangle"


Frøken Detektiv i Arizona

Shadow Ranch

Nancy in Arizona


Frøken Detektiv og slangekolonien

Red Gate Farm

Nancy and the "snake colony"


Frøken Detektiv på ferde igjen

Clue in Diary

Nancy on the move again


Frøken Detektiv løser en dobbeltoppgave

Mysterious Letter

Nancy carries out a double task


Frøken Detektiv og tårnet med de vridde lys

Twisted Candles

Nancy and the tower with the twisted candles


Frøken Detektiv finner løsenet

Larkspur Lane

Nancy finds the password


Frøken Detektiv og tvillingsaken

Broken Locket

Nancy and the twins case


Frøken Detektiv drar nordover

Hollow Oak

Nancy goes North


Frøken Detektiv og elfenbensamuletten

Ivory Charm

Nancy and the ivory amulet


Frøken Detektiv og marmorstøtten

Whispering Statue

Nancy and the marble statue


Frøken Detektiv og spøkelsesbroen

Haunted Bridge

Nancy and the haunted bridge


Frøken Detektiv og de mystiske sko

Tapping Heels

Nancy and the mysterious shoes


Frøken Detektiv på skattejakt

Missing Map

Nancy on a treasure hunt


Frøken Detektiv og det mystiske smykkeskrinet

Jewel Box

Nancy and the mysterious jewel box


Frøken Detektiv og det hemmelighetsfulle loftet

Old Attic

Nancy and the mysterious attic


Frøken Detektiv og det mystiske slottet

Crumbling Wall

Nancy and the mysterious castle


Frøken Detektiv og koffertmysteriet

Brass-Bound Trunk

Nancy and the trunk mystery


Frøken Detektiv og mosegrodde huset

Moss-Covered Mansion

Nancy and the moss-covered house


Frøken Detektiv og den mystiske klokke

Tolling Bell

Nancy and the mysterious bell


Frøken Detektiv og sigøynernes hemmelighet

Old Album

Nancy and the secret of the gypsies


Frøken Detektiv og spøkelsehuset

Blackwood Hall

Nancy and the haunted house


Frøken Detektiv og den kinesiske gåten

Leaning Chimney

Nancy and the Chinese riddle


DAMM 1970s-1990s

N.W. Damm & Søn continued to publish the Frøken Detektiv books but updated the covers, similar to the way Grosset & Dunlap commissioned new artwork for the U.S. editions. There are two formats as described below. The earlier features a thinner, orange-spined book with more dramatic artwork by Per Svinø. The later format utilizes the British artwork from the Armada paperbacks that were available at the time. However, I noticed that sometimes they used the cover art from a different title; for example, the Format III cover of Jewel Box uses the Armada Format C artwork from Twin Dilemma. The Damm books are no longer in print.

Damm Format II 1970s-1980s
Damm Format III 1980s-1990s
Frøken Detektiv løser en dobbelt oppgave (Nancy's Mysterious Letter). Artwork by Per Svinø, copyright © by N.W. Damm & Søn, Oslo.
Frøken Detektiv og den kinesiske gåten (The Clue of the Leaning Chimney). Artwork unattributed copyright © 1984 Armada.

Digest size hardback - 7 1/2" H x 5" W; matte or semi-gloss cover: orange spine with Carolyn Keene, FRØKEN DETEKTIV, series #, partial ND silhouette and Damm logo in green ink. 1/2" spine thicknesses. No internal illustrations.

Digest size glossy hardback - 7 1/2" H x 5 1/8" W; Frøken Detektiv logo and title on spine, number at base.


Detektiv Nancy Drew

Detektiv Nancy Drew tar saken (Nancy Drew Files)

Forlagshuset picked up the rights to the later titles in the Nancy Drew series (#27 and higher) and continues to produce translations to this day. They also published versions of #5, #11, #12 and #18, based on the revised texts, even though the original versions would have been within Damm's realm. The texts of these 4 titles were stories where the plots were completely changed during the revisions.

The Forlagshuset covers are often redrawn versions of the Rudy Nappi art from the U.S. editions. Usually the characters are in the exact same positions, but sometimes it is just the same scene from the story depicted slightly differently.

Forlagshuset does currently have titles in print, including several from the "classic" series, and some from the Nancy Drew Files series.

Digest size hardback - light yellow, bumpy cloth spine with red ink: Carolyn Keene, DETEKTIV NANCY DREW, 1950s ND silhouette, volume #, Forlagshuset "1905 house" logo

Detektiv Nancy Drew og det stjålne armbånd (The Ringmaster's Secret). Artwork unattributed but signed "Sten Nilsen," copyright © by A/S Forlagshuset, Oslo.

Norwegian Title

American Title


Norwegian #

Detektiv Nancy Drew og de sorte nøklene

Black Keys

Nancy and the black keys


Detektiv Nancy Drew og gallionsfigurens gåte

Wooden Lady

Nancy and the riddle of the figurehead


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den mystiske skiløper

Ski Jump

Nancy and the mysterious ski-runner


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med den sorte maske

Velvet Mask

Nancy and the black mask


Detektiv Nancy Drew og det stjålne armbånd

Ringmaster's Secret

Nancy and the stolen bracelet


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med ballettskoene

Scarlet Slipper

Nancy and the mystery of the ballet shoes


Detektiv Nancy Drew og det mystiske heksetegn

Witch Tree Symbol

Nancy and the mysterious witch sign


Detektiv Nancy Drew og det forsvunne glassmaleri

Hidden Window

Nancy and the lost glass-painting


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den forheksete båt

Haunted Showboat

Nancy and the haunted boat


Detektiv Nancy Drew og gullpaviljongens hemmelighet

Golden Pavilion

Nancy and the secret of the golden pavilion


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med den gamle diligencen

Old Stagecoach

Nancy and the mystery of the old stagecoach


Detektiv Nancy Drew og drakemysteriet

Fire Dragon

Nancy and the dragon mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med den dansende dukken

Dancing Puppet

Nancy and the mystery of the dancing puppet


Detektiv Nancy Drew og månesten-mysteriet

Moonstone Castle

Nancy and the moonstone mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den mystiske sekkepipen

Whistling Bagpipes

Nancy and the mysterious bagpipes


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med fantomtyven

Pine Hill

Nancy and the mystery of the phantom thief


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med de 99 trin

99 Steps

Nancy and the mystery of the 99 steps


Detektiv Nancy Drew og apemysteriet

Crossword Cipher

Nancy and the monkey mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med spøkelseshesten

Shadow Ranch RT

Nancy and the mystery with the haunted _____


Detektiv Nancy Drew og safirmysteriet

Spider Sapphire

Nancy and the sapphire mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og de falske grammofonplater

Broken Locket RT

Nancy and the false grammophone records


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med den usynlige banden

Invisible Intruder

Nancy and the mystery of the invisible gang


Detektiv Nancy Drew of mysteriet med utstillingsfiguren

Mysterious Mannequin

Nancy and the mystery of the mannequin


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den gåtfulle Banister

Crooked Bannister

Nancy and the mysterious Banister


Detektiv Nancy Drew møter spionligaen

Moss-Covered Mansion RT

Nancy meets the spy ring


Detektiv Nancy Drew og Speilbuktens hemmelighet

Mirror Bay

Nancy and the secret of Mirror Bay


Detektiv Nancy Drew og det hemmelige budskap

Hollow Oak RT

Nancy and the secret __________


Detektiv Nancy Drew og trolldomsmysteriet

Double Jinx

Nancy andthe witchcraft/magic mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og glødende øyet

Glowing Eye

Nancy and the glowing eye


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den glemte by

Forgotten City

Nancy and the forgotten city


Detektiv Nancy Drew og det stjålne flyet

Sky Phantom

Nancy and the stolen airplane


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den bortførte gutten

Strange Message in Parchment

Nancy and the kidnapped boy


Detektiv Nancy Drew og krokodillemysteriet

Crocodile Island

Nancy and the crocodile mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den trettende perlen (sometimes listed as DND og den 13. perle)

Thirteenth Pearl

Nancy and the thirteenth pearl


Detektiv Nancy Drew og tryllesvindelen

Triple Hoax

Nancy and the magic hoax


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den flyvende tallerken

Flying Saucer

Nancy and the flying saucer


Detektiv Nancy Drew og kniplingmysteriet

Old Lace

Nancy and the lace mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og det greske mysteriet

Greek Symbol

Nancy and the greek mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mannen uten hukommelse

Swami's Ring

Nancy and the man without a memory


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med indianerdukkene

Kachina Doll

Nancy and the mystery of the indian dolls


Detektiv Nancy Drew og modellsvindelen

Twin Dilemma

Nancy and the design fraud


Detektiv Nancy Drew blir kidnappet

Captive Witness

Nancy is kidnapped


Detektiv Nancy Drew og hertuginnens hemmelighet

Winged Lion

Nancy and the secret of the duchess


Detektiv Nancy Drew og veddeløpssvindelen

Race Against Time

Nancy and the racetrack fraud


Detektiv Nancy Drew og det onde varsel

Sinister Omen

Nancy and the evil omen


Detektiv Nancy Drew og katten med smaragdøynene

Emerald Eyed Cat

Nancy and the cat with the emerald eyes


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet med gullskatten

Broken Anchor

Nancy and the mystery of the gold treasure


Detektiv Nancy Drew på heksejakt

Bluebeard Room

Nancy goes witch-hunting


Detektiv Nancy Drew forelsker seg

Phantom of Venice

Nancy falls in love


Detektiv Nancy Drew og eskimomysteriet

Eskimo's Secret

Nancy and the eskimo mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og dobbeltmysteriet

Elusive Heiress

Nancy and the double mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den røde edderkopp

Silver Cobweb

Nancy and the red spider


Detektiv Nancy Drew og spøkelseskarusellen

Haunted Carousel

Nancy and the haunted carousel


Detektiv Nancy Drew fanget i fellen

Fenley Place

Nancy caught in the trap


Detektiv Nancy Drew og diamantmysteriet

Disappearing Diamonds

Nancy and the diamond mystery


Detektiv Nancy Drew og mysteriet i tåkejuvet

Misty Canyon

Nancy and the mystery of the misty canyon


Detektiv Nancy Drew og den forsvunne arvingen

Vanishing Veil

Nancy and the lost heir


Detektiv Nancy Drew og kirkegårdens hemmelighet

Shady Glen

Nancy and the secret of the graveyard


Detektiv Nancy Drew og hulens hemmelighet

Craven Cove

Nancy and the secret of the cave


Detektiv Nancy Drew rett i fellen

Clue in Camera

Nancy straight in the trap


Hemmeligheten i tårnet

Buried Secrets (files title)

The secret of the tower


Detektive Nancy Drew og den fatale ulykken

Mardi Gras

Nancy and the fatal accident


Detektiv Nancy Drew med bombe i lasten

Wings of Fear (files title)

Nancy with a bomb in the cargo


Detektiv Nancy Drew dødelige forbindelser

Very Deadly Yours (files title)


Detektiv Nancy Drew spokelseshistorier

Ghost Stories

Detektiv Nancy Drew spokelseshistorier 2

Ghost Stories 2

Nancy Drew Tar Saken titles (Nancy Drew Files)

The titles below are marketed as the "Nancy Drew Tar Saken" series - a distinctly separate entity from the "Detektiv Nancy Drew" books. However, Forlagshuset seems to have mixed up a few of the manuscripts that were sent by Simon & Schuster, and therefore two stories that were issued as Files in the States were published under the "Detektiv Nancy Drew" logo, and one "classic" title is listed below as a "saken." Oops!

Norwegian Title

American Title



Kamp på liv og død

Murder on Ice

Battle of life and death


Det skjulte kameraet

Secrets Can Kill

The hidden camera


Til døden skiller oss ad

Till Death Do Us Part

Till death do us part


Nancy slår til

Heart of Danger

Nancy hits home


Nancy går i vannet

Hit & Run Holiday

Nancy is fooled


Nancy avslører gjengangeren

Make No Mistake

Nancy unmasks the ghost


Skrik i natten

Stranger in the Shadows (classic title)

A scream in the night



White Water Terror

The revenge action


Høyt spill

Deadly Doubles

High stakes



This Side of Evil

The blackmailer


Siste stikk til Nancy

Fatal Ransom

Nancy wins the game


Nancy Drew Tar Saken - Høyt spill (Deadly Doubles). Artwork by Enric, copyright © 1987 by Simon & Schuster, Inc., New York, NY.

In 1999 NRK Radio (the national public radio station of Norway) produced a radio serial of "The Sign of the Twisted Candles," dramaticized by Norwegian Nancy Drew enthusiast Nils Nordberg. For more information about this production click here.

During the summer of 2001, a "Nancy Drew tribute" musical was produced in the town of Fredrikstad, Norway entitled "Den syngende frøken Detektiv og mysteriet på Grevly" (The Singing Girl Detective and the Grevly Mystery). I was very well received and may be staged in Oslo soon. Click here for further information.


A million "thank yous" to Nils Nordberg for his considerable help with the titles and translations used on this page.

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