FERNANDEZ EDITORES - Mexico City - 1993

I've been surprised by how few of the Nancy Drew stories have been translated into Spanish, considering the large percentage of the world's population which speaks this language. Yes, I have found evidence of editions published in Spain and Argentina, but in both cases the number of titles released was quite limited. And in Mexico, the U.S.'s closest foreign-speaking neighbor, I have only found the "Adventuras de Nancy Drew," published by Fernandez in the early 1990s.

The first 6 titles from the classic paperback series were issued in Mexico; the publishers chose to recreate the covers found on the Minstrel versions of the titles in question (the "third" artwork, those painted by Linda Thomas). The Mexican artist does a poor job and the figures become distorted. Maybe the rights to reprint the original U.S. artwork would have cost extra?

Simon & Schuster confirms that the contract with Fernandez was not renewed, so it is unlikely that further printings or titles will be available from this publisher.

Digest size paperback - 7 5/8" H x 5 1/8" W - different color spines with Aventuras de NANCY DREW, title and Fernandez logo in black.

Triple Engaño (The Triple Hoax). Artwork unattributed, copyright © 1993, Fernandez Editores, s.a.

U.S. Number

Spanish title

U.S. title


Triple engaño

Triple Hoax


El misterio del platillo volador

Flying Saucer


El secreto del encaje antiguo

Old Lace


El misterio del símbolo griego

Greek Symbol


El anillo misterioso

Swami's Ring


El enigma de la muñeca Kachina

Kachina Doll

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